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It is necessary to think about irrigations  already by project documentation processing. Each irrigation project is based on solutions of landscaping treatment and follows the location of plantings, object borders and paved areas . Building of an automatic irrigation is a permanent solution and ensures safe and regular watering  of landscaping areas at the time of your absence. It´s erection requires architectural preparedness.

Which irrigation system do we use?

We recommend the professional irrigation systems
HUNTER and RAIN BIRD, which are:
made of quality materials
secured by full-automatic control units that manage the entire irrigation system
those containing  precipitation sensor preventing excessive watering ( when rain irrigation stops)
To make a price offer it is necessary to deliver a plot plan in scale or dimensions by e-mail or in person. The layout should be designated by areas to irrigate, areas not to irrigate, walkways, swimming pool, gazebo, etc…water source and place of the operation unit location. Unless you have not any ground plan, contact us. Our workman will come and measure out all necessary.
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